It is I, the author of this blog.

Hi there! Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read this.

My name is Adele Mifsud. Currently, I am studying my Bachelor of Education (primary) as a third year student, at the Australian Catholic University.

What you have come across is my personal learning network (PLN) where I can express ideas and grow as a pre service teacher. This PLN hold an educational focus, to assist other teachers and aspiring teachers like myself. Although this project was necessary to be created for an online subject #EDFD459, I have greatly enjoyed the experience of exploring a new knowledge platform. I hope to continue this blog as a way to collect my thoughts and inspirations for future learning environments when I graduate.

Please enjoy my personal learning hub, where it is my goal to instil the love of learning.

I love collaborating and hearing ideas from other individuals. Feel free to follow this page or even my twitter (click here) to be updated with my journey.